How To Fix Ripped Tights?

One of the worst things a woman hates is when her beloved tights ladder. Fortunately you can easily fix your tights or stockings using very simple tools… A nail polish.

The only thing you have to do is to apply a nail polish on the ripped part of your hosiery. As a woman I bet you have a nail polish in your handbag all the time. Get it out and apply a small amount around the edge of the tear. The polish will seal the torn fibers of the fabric and prevent it from getting any bigger.


If for some reason you don’t carry nail polish on you, try another solution. Please be aware that this solution is only a temporary solution. Use method one as soon as you can!

Use some soap and rub it over the hole and around the edges. When the soap dry, will create a hard edge around the torn part. This should prevent the tights laddering even more.

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