Difference Between Leggings and Jeggings

Leggings are very popular among women. Nearly everyone knows what they are but to clarify it let’s define them as tight fitting legwear made of materials that are a blend of lycra, cotton, spandex or polyester. They come in different thicknesses called deniers (from 30 den up). They can be see  through (30-60 denier) or opaque (over 60 den) and also longer or shorter like ¾ of the normal length. They are quite similar to tights but footless, therefore some of low denier leggings are sometimes named footless tights. They can be found patterned and also plain.

Short and long leggings
Short and long leggings

Pros of leggings

  • Cheap
  • Comfortable
  • Can be worn during hot summer days as long as you pick right denier and length
  • Made for all ages


Cons of leggings

  • See through leggings don’t look good without a short skirt or dress (everyone can admire your underwear and not everyone wants to)
  • Don’t suit everyone


Jeggings are also leggings but styled to look like tight jeans trousers. They are made of opaque or even thick opaque material like 200 denier or more. They come with real or mock pockets, sometimes also with real or mock seams to make an impression as close as possible to real jeans. Jeggings can be long or short ¾ of normal length.

Short jeggings
Short jeggings

Pros of jeggings

  • Cheaper than jeans
  • More comfortable than jeans
  • Jeggings don’t reveal anything (opaque), so can be worn without a skirt or dress
  • Can be worn when hot or cold if you pick right length
  • Made for all ages


Cons of jeggings

  • Often lack of real pockets
  • Don’t suit everyone


You can sometimes find in the online hosiery shops something called treggings. They are exactly the same what jeggings are but are imitating normal trousers.
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Leggings and jeggings are great and versatile, but unfortunately they both have one big disadvantage – they will look great on you if you have nice legs, they are unforgiving the same as tights or stockings. If your legs aren’t your strongest point but you are still insisting on wearing leggings consider darker colours for slimming effect.


Here is a video showing many different types of leggings and jeggings by Bas Bleu, Polish manufacturer of quality hosiery, so have a look and see if you love leggings or hate!

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